33959 Chula Vista Avenue

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Owners: Keith, Barbara Johannes Address: 33959 Chula Vista Avenue Built: 1928, Woodruff Mills Act: Yes This two-story Spanish Colonial Revival hone was one of ten Woodruff homes financed by Lincoln Mortgage and photographed by Sidney H.  Woodruff to advertise his “Homes in Dana Point”. Built across two lots, the home features the original complex gable roof of random set, red clay barrel tile, the over-hanging second story with...

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Curlew Receives Historic Designation

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On Monday, October 19, the Dana Point Planning Commission approved historic designation for Curlew, a 1926 Schooner moored in the Dana Point harbor. The commissioners started the meeting with a site visit aboard Curlew, adjourned, and then reconvened at the Council Chambers for the remainder of the meeting. The Historical Society, along with Curlew’s owner, Bob Harrison, advocated for the designation based upon the fundamental historic port...

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Yet Another Doheny Historic Home

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Dana Point Planning Commissioners voted unanimously on August 17 to approve the request of Chris Carter and Janet Petterson Carter to designate their 1929 Doheny home as a locally significant historic structure. The home has been in the Carter family since 1960 when it was purchased from the previous owner, well known local artist Louise Leyden. The Carters are the 25th owners in the City to qualify their home for the Historic Register, and...

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