Early Surfing at Dana Cove

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The Early Days of Surfing at Dana Cove by Bruce Beal Hawaiian surfer Duke Kahanamoku, the father of modern surfing, brought the sport here to Orange County in the 1920s. Sidney Woodruff, the developer of Hollywood(land) and later, the lantern street area of Dana Point, invited “the Duke” to Dana Cove to teach children here to surf during his visit, according to Alice Davis, Woodruff’s daughter. The US Post Office has just issued a Duke...

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Historical Assets Information and Management System

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Proposal for Historical Assets Information & Management System (“HAIMS”) (for adoption and development by a large, resourced historical society or historical society association) Brief Description: HAIMS is a historical assets information and management system which is based upon grass-roots authentication (as it should be) married with modern technology (computers, databases and the Internet) so as to present to the public a...

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Surfing and Sailing Heritage

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Surfing & Sailing Heritage Projects The Society has discovered that there are at least 68 historical first and bests discovered and listed to date in the Oceanic Historical Outline for Dana Point. This document dramatically points out that Dana Point truly is historically unique. Dana Point is where the modern surfing lifestyle originated, as well as where surfing industries as the world now knows them started. From Dana Point came the...

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Double-Sided Street Sign History

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Innovative Double-Sided Street Sign History Project Traffic and street information signs are valuable conveyors of information to the public. However, the reverse sides of these signs have no value other than to block pedestrian views. There is a solution to this blocked view. Use the reverse side of the sign to post identically-sized pedestrian sign panels depicting and explaining historical, cultural and other significant facts about the...

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